Author: Lindsay Barrett

  • Cremorne Romance

    Cremorne Romance

    Smoke rising from a street cauldron of morning stew. Evil-smelling and nourishing. Each ragged member shuffling forward…taking a wooden bowl of steaming gruel. Roll up, roll up, step right in and spy the Crystal Grotto, linger by the Marionette Theatre…steal a visit to the Hermit’s Cave…glorious wonders and excitement…dazzling delights and secrets of the Orient.…

  • New Year’s Day at the Hotel Australia

    New Year’s Day at the Hotel Australia

    In the late 1930s an apprentice potter made a solemn pledge with some of his young work mates to meet up on New Year’s Day, in the year 2000, in the famous Long Bar of the Hotel Australia. But the reunion never took place because, while sixty years later the young man in question, the…

  • The Runaway Machine

    The Runaway Machine

    “I can now reveal Exclusively to the Mother Planet and all our watching neighbours out there…Wait for it,. Five, four, three, two, one! Sweet jumping Jupiter! The Androids of Mu!…Yes, you heard it here first, Folks, with Cousin Eddy and Sister Nova. The Androids of Mu! The greatest all-girl Rock band in the entire Universe…

  • The Truth Dentist

    The Truth Dentist

    You live with it and it’s never going to end. You stop expecting anything. Any hopes or dreams have long since disappeared. Each day brings the totally unexpected and is the same. False reports. Little hinted-at canards to dupe the duplicitous…The sand eats into your young bones and you feel as old as the Universe.…