Author: Nalo Hopkinson

  • Brown Girl in the Ring

    Brown Girl in the Ring

    The rich and privileged have fled the city, barricaded it behind roadblocks, and left it to crumble. The inner city has had to rediscover old ways — farming, barter, herb lore. But now the monied need a harvest of bodies, and so they prey upon the helpless of the streets. With nowhere to turn, a…

  • Midnight Robber

    Midnight Robber

    It’s Carnival time and the Caribbean-colonized planet of Toussaint is celebrating with music, dance, and pageantry. Masked “Midnight Robbers” waylay revelers with brandished weapons and spellbinding words. To young Tan-Tan, the Robber Queen is simply a favorite costume to wear at the festival–until her power-corrupted father commits an unforgiveable crime. Suddenly, both father and daughter…

  • The Salt Roads

    The Salt Roads

    When three Caribbean slave women gather one night to bury a stillborn baby, their collective mournings are braided into a powerful calling, and a deity is born. So begins the epic journey of Ezili, the Afro-Caribbean goddess of love and sex who, in a bid to discover her own nature, defies the limitations of time…