Author: Nii Ayikwei Parkes

  • South of South

    South of South

    A collection of short fiction by international authors, this anthology asks artist “emigres” to describe the forces that pushed them to places far away from home–and how they propel their fictional characters on similar journeys. The resulting stories reveal a rich tangle of motives for departure, including romantic dreams, big ambitions, family ties, and flight…

  • Filigree: Contemporary Black British Poetry

    Filigree: Contemporary Black British Poetry

    Filigree typically refers to the finer elements of craftwork, the parts that are subtle; this Filigree anthology contains work that plays with the possibilities that the word suggests, work that is delicate, that responds to the idea of edging, to a comment on the marginalization of the darker voice. Filigree includes work from established Black…

  • Tail of the Blue Bird

    Tail of the Blue Bird

    A woman spots a stunning blue-headed bird at the edge of a Ghanaian village and follows it. Sonokrom is a place that has not changed for hundreds of years; the men and women speak the language of the forest, drink aphrodisiacs with their palm wine and commune with the spirits of their ancestors. However, the…