Love Stories

All stories are love stories. In a great story, that most fundamental of human emotions plays at many different levels. Black Panther is a great example of this, it is a story about love of country, love of family, love of justice as well as romantic love. Even the darkest story with a self absorbed narrator is about love – love of self. Even the Bible is framed as a love story, the love in focus being the love of God for humankind. The plots of so many of our favourite stories are propelled by what characters are willing to do for what they love.

In this week’s issue, we  feature 10 books by Black writers about love. Ranging from novels to short stories and plays, no two stories are the same, thus reading them will surely give you a deeper and richer insight into the vast layers of meaning and nuance hidden inside the slim form of that four letter word. Also featured in this week’s issue is an introduction to the work of British author Malorie Blackman and a literary tour of Chicago. Hopefully, you will find some stories to love.

Esther Kuforiji, Editor 


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