Betrayal in the City

First published in 1976, this play from one of Africa’s foremost dramatists is in the classic cannon. It is an incisive examination of the problems of independence and freedom in post-colonial Africa states, where few believe they have a stake in the future. In the words of one of the characters: “It was better while we waited. Now we have nothing to look forward to. We have killed our past and are busy killing our future”. Francis Imbuga is a playwright and actor. He is the recipient of the Kenya National Academy of Sciences Distinguished Professional Award in Play Writing.

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Francis Imbuga

Francis Davis Imbuga (February 02, 1947 – November 18, 2012) was a Kenyan writer, playwright, literature scholar, teacher and professor at Kenyatta University. His works, including Aminata, and Betrayal in the City, have become staples in the study of literature schools in Kenya. His works have consistently dealt with issues such as the clashes of modernity and tradition in the social organisationof African communities. His play Betrayal in the City was Kenya’s entry to FESTAC.

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