Bones is a poetic novel about the guerilla fight for freedom in Zimbabwe, but unlike a conventional novel, all the action is interior monologues — some by specific characters, others by representatives of certain types produced by colonial history, or by spirits. The story involves a mother’s love, and a lover’s yearning, for a young man who has joined the freedom fighters. Hove captures the ambivalence and conflicts of loyalties in the attitude of the peasants towards the guerillas, and underscores the state’s indifference to the lives of ordinary people.

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Chenjerai Hove

Chenjerai Hove (9 February 1956 – 12 July 2015) was a Zimbabwean poet, novelist and essayist who wrote in both English and Shona. “Modernist in their formal construction, but making extensive use of oral conventions, Hove’s novels offer an intense examination of the psychic and social costs – to the rural population, especially, of the war of liberation in Zimbabwe.” He died on 12 July 2015 while living in exile in Norway and his death has been attributed to liver failure.

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