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Sun is Sky

Born to three generations of women burdened with heartache, can Penny finally break the cycle? 

Filled with heady meanderings and sultry secrets, Sun is Sky remarkably captures the spirit of a slumbering town in the Deep South of America.

As a young teen, Penny’s Hill’s fractious relationship with her mother causes her to be shipped off to live with her maternal grandmother in the town of Picayune, Mississippi. Under her Gram’s care, Penny settles into her new rural life, but soon family secrets and sudden tragedies force her to face life head on.

Her beloved Gram’s death shatters any illusions Penny held about her grandmother’s legacy and she is left to decide whether she will accept the responsibility and step into Gram’s role as the custodian of secrets for the townspeople.

Navigating the trauma familial, sexual and romantic relationships can cause to individual and community psyches, and with the reckoning of many reconciliations, Penny comes to appreciate the power of self-worth, the ability it possesses to heal a person, and the extent to which we are incapacitated without it.

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