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The Cockroach Dance

Dusman Gonzaga lives in a squalid apartment block overrun by poverty and cockroaches. The crumbling building is owned by Tumbo Kubwa, a mindless slum lord with a heart of stone, and occupied by a strange mix of characters; from garbage collectors to hawkers, from conmen to witch doctors, from wise men to mad men. In this crazy world of wild adventures and appalling poverty, Dusman tries to organize the tenants to boycott paying rent in a desperate move to force the landlord to heed their cries.

Dusman, however, finds himself alone against the landlord. Afraid that the landlord will summon the police to evict them as promised, his neighbours beg out of the confrontation, pleading special, personal circumstances. But Dusman hatches a plot so diabolical they cannot chicken out of the fight.

The Cockroach Dance is the story of one man’s resistance to intimidation and exploitation by the ‘haves’ in a world of ‘have-nots’ and ‘faceless ones’.

‘Meja Mwangi spins a fascinating tale of one man’s revolt against exploitation’. The Daily Nation

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