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The Runaway Machine

“I can now reveal Exclusively to the Mother Planet and all our watching neighbours out there…Wait for it,. Five, four, three, two, one! Sweet jumping Jupiter! The Androids of Mu!…Yes, you heard it here first, Folks, with Cousin Eddy and Sister Nova. The Androids of Mu! The greatest all-girl Rock band in the entire Universe are on their way here to perform live, Yes, live, in twenty-five chosen venues across the Mother Planet. Fresh from conquering their own planet, this all-girl Martian Rock group are on their way. They’re coming here today! The day ahead awaits and framed thoughts are gaining concentrated attention in Valentine Bone’s brain. Gradually forcing the inner screen clear of the myriads of flooding images, begging and pleading for his urgent attention. The Director-General and the upcoming mission are being hard-wired into the mind…Steeling himself to be catapulted out from the sanctity of this apartment. The order of unbroken chaos beckons

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