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Waiting for the Waters to Rise

Babakar is a doctor living alone, with only the memories of his childhood in Mali. In his dreams, he receives visits from his blue eyed mother and his ex lover Azelia, both now gone, as are the hopes and aspirations he carried with him since his arrival in Guadeloupe. Until, one day, the child Anais comes into his life, forcing him to abandon his solitude. Anais Haitian mother died in childbirth, leaving her daughter destitute  now Babakar is all she has, and he wants to offer this little girl a future. Together they fly to Haiti, a beautiful, mysterious island plagued by violence, government corruption, and rebellion. Once there, Babakar and his two friends, the Haitian Movar and the Palestinian Fouad, three different identities looking for a more compassionate world, begin a desperate search for Anais family.

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