At Heathrow Airport’s busy immigration desk, a newly arrived Jamaican strolls through with a kilo of top-grade cocaine strapped to his body. And keeps on walking . . . By the time the syndicate get to hear about the missing consignment, D is in business—for himself—as the Front Line’s newest don. But D’s treachery will never be forgotten—or forgiven. The message filters down from the Yardie crime lords to their soldiers on the streets: Find D. Find the merchandise. And make him pay for his sins . . . Now a film directed by Idris Elba, Yardie by Victor Headley shone a light on the brutal underworld of 1990s London gang culture.

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Victor Headley

Victor Headley (born 1959) is a Jamaican-born British author. He is the author of the bestselling novel Yardie (1992), which gained cult status upon publication and “heralded a new wave of black British pulp fiction”. Other books by Headley include Excess (1993) Yush (1994), Fetish (1995), Here Comes the Bride (1997), Off Duty (2001) and Seven Seals (2003).

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