Reading Mothers

For many of us, we were first introduced to books by our mothers. Whether colourful illustrated bedtime reading or cherished paperbacks passed down with love, mothers have an important on what kinds of readers their children grow up to be. In many ways, Books Africana aims to be a resource for mothers (and fathers) – equipping them with a richer and deeper perspective of the literary canon of Africa and the African Diaspora that they can hand down to their children.

Even for the childless, books about mothers and motherhood can often offer revelations regarding our own mothers. In our reading list this week, we look at both the joy and hardship that can be features of motherhood. Mothers also play an important role in our five minute book review title, Children of Blood and Bone. It’s Mother’s Day in the UK this weekend, and as we trade the traditional daffodils, I hope you enjoy this week’s bouquet of bookish goodness.

Esther Kuforiji, Editor 

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