Brown Girl in the Ring

The rich and privileged have fled the city, barricaded it behind roadblocks, and left it to crumble. The inner city has had to rediscover old ways — farming, barter, herb lore. But now the monied need a harvest of bodies, and so they prey upon the helpless of the streets.

With nowhere to turn, a young woman must open herself to ancient truths, eternal powers, and the tragic mystery surrounding her mother and grandmother. She must bargain with gods, and give birth to new legends.

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Nalo Hopkinson

Nalo Hopkinson is a novelist, editor, short story writer. She also teaches, and freelances sometimes as an arts consultant. Most of her books have been published by Warner Books, now known as Grand Central Books. Her work has received the Warner Aspect First Novel award, the Sunburst Award for Canadian literature of the fantastic, the World Fantasy Award and the Gaylactic Spectrum Award.

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