Empathy and Rage: Female Genital Mutlilation in African Literature

This is an important book about an important topic that some misguided cultural nationalists would rather keep wrapped under the silences and perversions of tradition. A subject that has generated intense debate about culture, gender, sexuality, women’s rights and human rights; this book offers the searing, unsparing gaze that only literature can provide. The collection derives its freshness and power from its excavation of representations in the work of African and Diasporan writers.

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Augustine H. Asaah

Augustine H. Asaah is a Professor of French.

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Tobe Levin

Tobe Levin Freifrau von Gleichen (born February 16, 1948), a multi-lingual scholar, translator, editor and activist, is an Associate of the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research at Harvard University; a Visiting Research Fellow at the International Gender Studies Centre, Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford; an activist against female genital mutilation (FGM) and professor of English Emerita at the University of Maryland, University College. Having received her PhD in 1979 from Cornell University, she is most known for combining her advocacy against FGM with her academic scholarship in comparative literature.

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