The Invisible Weevil

The author is a celebrated columnist, a former literature lecturer, and the founder of Uganda Women Writers’ Association. She is also a playwright and has published children’s literature. This novel is a fictionalised record of Uganda’s past tragic national experience. Spanning the decades of successive regimes, it covers the story of Africa’s post-colonial political actors typified by the thinly disguised Presidents, Opolo, Duduma, Polle and Kazi. Weaving together strands of political and gender concerns, and employing humour, the central image of the novel is the weevil.

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Mary Karooro Okurut

Mary Busingye Karooro Okurut (born 8 December 1954), more commonly known as Mary Karooro Okurut, is a Ugandan educator, author and politician. She is the current Cabinet Minister in Charge of General Duties in the Office of the Prime Minister, in the Ugandan Cabinet.

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